Save A Lot of Money With UNIDAYS.SHOP

Save A Lot of Money With UNIDAYS.SHOP


How can we help you ?

Find the most frequently asked questions here.

Where do I get my digital product?

We send accounts and all kind of our digital products to your registered email so make sure it's correct before purchasing.

I didn't receive my digital product ?

Please check your registered email inbox and spam (Junk) folder. The digital product usually arrived within 24h, some other products may take longer. (check product description)

What payment methods do you accept?

We support: PayPal, TransferWise, Paysera, Skrill, Webmoney & USDT.

When will the digital product reach me?

Usually we deliver within 24h, some products may take longer, please check the product description.

Is there any extra charge?

You only pay the total order value according to the quantity and price of each digital product, without additional fee

Do I use VPN to login?

Some domains require US ip to be used (otherwise you won’t be able to login, or the account will be locked quickly), we will note you when sending you accounts. But in general, you should use VPN to switch to US ip for every use, as most of our email edu is from US universities/colleges.

Are you resellers?

Yes, we are not the ones who create the accounts. We just guarantee the buyer to receive his order as described and without any problem.